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Through their work touring with the British Council in numerous countries worldwide, Maroon Town has developed workshops which have been delivered to a variety of participants including pupils in schools as well as young adults from many diverse backgrounds. They have also gained substantial experience performing to schoolchildren in many countries and from many cultures ranging from Kazakhstan, Canada, Ukraine, Barbados and more. The workshops are very popular during Black History Month in the UK.

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They have also worked with students in danger of permanent exclusion from their south London school. The objectives of their workshops are to create a fun, spontaneous environment where participants can express themselves and participate in creating music. The keywords are fun and spontaneity because Maroon Town believe that these elements underpin creativity, co-operation and self-expression, the doors to music creation and the divine.

The workshops also include insights into the development of Caribbean folk music, Jamaican ska, reggae, rap as well as hip-hop and their influence on contemporary British music as well as illustrations of how each instrument fits within the group. Participants get a thorough understanding of the social, political, historical and cultural forces that shaped Jamaican music as well as practical experience of playing the music.

The workshops which we put on in primary schools and which focus on Jamaican ska and reggae and Caribbean folk, provide a wonderful opportunity for children to acquire cultural capital. Not only are they exposed to music, culture and history which has given so much to the world particularly to the United Kingdom but they are also given the opportunity to actively take part and create as participants. We encourage the young people to dance, to sing, to dialogue and to be thoroughly immersed in the experience which inevitably they throw themselves into. The confidence they gain is also an important part of their cultural capital.

Through the support and encouragement participants get to express themselves in a novel environment they also gain vital knowledge about themselves and people who are part of the local and wider communities. They can then get to build on this knowledge to value cultural heritage in London and the wider world.

Pupils also get lots of opportunities to sing and dance if they are not musical or are not music students.

Every workshop is tailored to specifically reflect the dynamics of the group being taught. Participants’ ages, numbers, abilities and backgrounds vary greatly from group to group as does the equipment and space available for workshops.

Maroon Town workshops can be devised to cater for: A-Level; Adult Education; GCSE: KS1 – Infants (age 5-7); KS2 – Juniors (age 7-11); KS3 (age 11-14); KS4 (age 14-16); Sixth Form; Young people who are refugees or asylum seekers; Reggae now appears on the GCSE syllabus.

Key Information

  • Develops students and pupils understanding and appreciation of diversity
  • Promotes respect
  • Professional 5 piece multicultural band
  • Experienced working with diverse groups
  • Breakout ska, rap, reggae and dub music
  • Engaging and informative workshops
  • Flexible workshop design & delivery
  • Can combine workshops & performance


“Feedback was absolutely fantastic. Children, staff and parents all alike were knocked out by how great you all were. I wish I could have been there, but I look after my youngest daughter on a Friday and couldn’t get down. It was so good that the head, Lorraine sent me this message at 11.30 p.m. on a Friday night: “Hello Mr Williams, I am sorry for the late message but I could not sleep soundly without having thanked you for booking Maroon Town – they were fantastic!!!”. That’s never​ happened before, so you not only did a great job, you also made me look good, for which I thank you! Needless to say, if you want any recommendations we’d be happy to do so – and we’d love to have you back at some stage. “Primary School, Camden, London

“Thank you for the inspirational day of performances and workshops! I know that it was a valid learning experience for pupils and even inspired the staff to participate enthusiastically.” Woodlands Junior School.

“Brilliant and inspiring!” Kingston Grammar School

“Maroon Town provided truly stimulating and interactive music sessions for groups of primary school children at the Community Learning Centre (supporting BA/Unicef days teaching children about the history and culture of Jamaica). A fabulous group of people to work with! The children were inspired and engaged throughout, they experienced a range of music styles and activities. Feedback from children and the accompanying staff was excellent, the centre was buzzing and we all went home singing! We will certainly be working with them again.” Lindsay Hurrell, Education Officer Unicef UK

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Maroon Town Music Workshops

MUSIC WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS Through their work touring with the British Council in numerous countries worldwide, Maroon Town has developed workshops which have been delivered