Update on new album

It’s been quite a process. We started writing the new album earlier this year. Recorded it during June and are coming close to the end of the mixing process at this point in time (Mid September). 10 tracks mix of ska,

There are 10 tracks which are a mix of ska, reggae and rocksteady.

We reckon that it’s going to be a good listen for anyone who loves ska and reggae and we are also confident that general music lovers will really appreciate it too.

We aim to release a single or two November/December backed up with videos time with a full  album release in January with tours and gigs to launch it.

A whole heap of work has gone into it (and still going into it at the time of writing) so we are excited about getting it out. With tracks with titles such as ‘Freedom’; ‘Hope’; ‘Get Up’ and ‘Rebel’ we hope that it’s going to be put some positive vibrations out to the world.

Coming soon!!


MT Team